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3 hacks for your clothes to last longer

Which hack did the CEO of Levi's use to clean his jeans? ⁣
I listed 3 hacks that I use for cleaning my clothes.⁣ They're all super easy to adopt and a great way to make your clothes last longer while being more sustainable.

1) Use Natural Cleaning Products

Natural Cleaning Products Essential Oil Green Soap White Vinegar Homemade
Use natural products to wash your clothes. You can make laundry detergent very easily yourself with only a few ingredients - With Marseille soap and water as a basis, add white natural vinegar to kill bacteria and essential oils such as lavender and peppermint to give your clothes a fresh smell. Soda can be added for white clothes. Instead of washing, mix water with a few drops of natural vinegar, essential oils and use with a spray bottle as a clothing refresher.

2) Get a Steamer

Steam your clothes natural green ways to clean your clothes
One quick and effective way to clean clothes is to steam them. It kills the bacteria and doesn't wear our your clothes like the washing machine does. It's also a great alternative for items otherwise washed by hand. After steaming, I use my spray bottle with lavender so that it smells all fresh again.

3) Freeze your Jeans

Freeze jeans natural green ways to clean jeans
This one is controversial. This hack became popular when the CEO of Levi's in an interview said he never washed his jeans but put them in the freezer instead. Even though the cold doesn't kill all bacteria (most are resistant against cold), in my experience, it does bring them back into shape. 
Which hacks do you use to increase durability of your clothes?

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