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3 Tips for your Sustainable Wardrobe

How do you create a wardrobe that is kind to the environment? You might recognize those moments where you watch a documentary about fast fashion and suddenly start to declutter. Or you say to yourself: "Every time I buy something, I need to give away another piece!", or, "from now on, I will only buy second hand!".

Even though the intention is great, in my experience, radical decisions don't always work well on the long term. The reason for this is simple. When you set such strict rules, what generally happens is that you end up wanting it even more. And so it can become a source of frustration. 

But what about approaching it more positively? Instead of making those big, radical decisions, try to focus your energy on taking small steps. What if you decide to repair that pile of socks with holes in it one afternoon? Or you spend a creative Sunday morning on upcycling your boyfriends' shirt? Every small step becomes a reason to celebrate and all these small steps together can have a big impact. Here are three small steps that I take in my daily life to create a more sustainable wardrobe:

1) Check your Capsule⁣

Keep track of your seasonal wardrobe, for instance by creating a slideshow. Create all the possible tops and bottoms combinations. Make sure you carry it with you on your phone. This way, you only buy what you need and what fits with your wardrobe.⁣

2) Upcycle⁣

Repair Clothes Sustainable Upcycling Capsule Wardrobe

Upcycling is a great way to give new life to a garment that you - or your friends - don't wear anymore. Start with an old button-up shirt and create something simple, such as a top or a dress. Take your measurements and add a few cm. You can always adjust afterwards.⁣

3) Repair

Repair Clothes Sustainable Upcycling Capsule Wardrobe
Repair your clothes before considering buying something new. You'd be surprised by how easy it can be. If you're not sure, just ask for advice in a specialized store or if you can't figure it out, go to a tailor. Small reparations are generally quite affordable.⁣

How do you create a sustainable wardrobe? Curious to hear your tips!


With love,

Sharon Woods

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