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About Sharon Woods

Our mission: awakening a worldwide transformation to a sustainable wardrobe. This is reflected in the following three pillars:

Klassieke tijdloze stijl

Classic & Timeless Style
Our classic collections are easily combined and suitable for different occasions. With each versatile pair of Woods you can create look after look. A perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.


Gerecyclede Materialen

Vegan, Recycled and Plant-based Materials
Sustainability is also reflected in our choice of materials. Our collections are completely vegan. Next to that, components of the shoe are made of recycled polyester - recycled plastic bottles - and plant-based materials such as jute and bio-based polyurethane (PU). Bio-based PU means that the material is partially derived from biological residual materials, coming from renewable sources. This residual material consists largely of field corn that does not divert resources necessary for food farms or animal feed. The material has a very high percentage of biomass. Also, the entire facility in which the materials are made is powered by solar energy.

We are not quite there yet. We still partially use synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels. This has various reasons. For instance, for certain components of the shoe there are not yet sustainable alternatives available of similar quality. On the other side, materials are not always easily accesible for small businesses.

All in all we are continuously improving. Our objective is a collection made of 100% vegan, recycled and plant-based materials. We are well underway!

We also aim to make our packaging more sustainable. Currently we are using paper, our goal is packaging made of recycled paper.

Slow Productie

Slow Production
Our collections are handmade by artisan shoemakers in a small family owned workshop in Alicante, Spain. The family has been running the workshop since 1989. Next to that, we largely work with small local suppliers, located in the South of Spain. As an exception, we work with one large supplier in Italy, a front runner in the field of sustainable vegan materials.

We also aim to make a social contribution. We work together with a distribution center which offers daytime activities for people with intellectual disabilities.

My name is Sharon and I am passionate about sustainable fashion. In the beginning of 2020 I founded Sharon Woods and since then I have, together with the team, been working on it with great pleasure. I am from Amsterdam, but I currently live with my partner in Madrid. 
Do you have questions, comments or do you want to collaborate? Don't hesitate to send me a message.

Sharon Woods Slow Fashion

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